When you get your new home in Bulgari Residences Dubai, you might start thinking about ways to decorate it. Planting could be a smart decision!

With the fast expansion of concrete facilities all over the world, the advantages of indoor plants have become increasingly common in modern homes and workplaces. Holding house plants is a fun practice that contributes to the home atmosphere and has a range of health benefits.

In this blog, we clarify some of the interesting reasons to consider having indoor plants in your home in Dubai. Without further action, let’s begin.

Benefits of keeping home plants in your home in Dubai

Keep indoor plants to purify the environment

Plants can act as organic air purifiers that eliminate pollutants from the air and make them cleaner. The air within the homes is frequently sealed, allowing it to become unclean when you draw in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. House plants clean the air’s impurities by removing toxins and toxic elements, while still releasing fresh oxygen. Some of the common plants included in this context include Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Ferns, Philodendron, Aloe Vera and some Palm varieties.

Indoor plants add aesthetics to the interior

Plants will add an aesthetically appealing element to your interior decoration. Live plants also bring a natural aspect to your indoor space – dining room, kitchen, etc. A lovely display of succulents, a clipping of Pothos in an old water-filled vase, or some leaning pots by the window, may all be a great addition to the decor of your home in Dubai.

Planting vegetables and herbs provide you with organic food

Dubai residents can opt to cultivate local vegetables. Food made from fresh vegetables from the kitchen garden can be a safe and budget-friendly choice. Based on space and lighting situations a number of vegetables and herbs can be grown, like garlic, tomatoes, spinach, peas, potatoes, a bottle of gourd, bitter gourd, thyme, chillies, lettuce, garlic, coriander, basil and mint.

Gardening is a healthy activity that reduces stress

One of the key advantages of indoor plants is that planting is a calming and satisfying activity that allows you to interact with nature. Plants help you feel a relationship with nature, where you frequently watch the wonder of nature to create a whole new plant from a small seed or to revive a nearly dead plant. You’re going to witness a lot of happy times as your plant flowers or bears fruit.

Which plants are the best for the gardeners?

Do you want to reap the maximum advantages of indoor plants? You need to know where to get started. Any nice beginner plants are pothos, snake plants, aloe vera, ZZ plants and monsters. If you choose succulents, you can pick plants like Haworthia zebrina, an elephant bush or a mother of thousands that are extremely durable and easy to care for.

Can I begin gardening at my rooftop in Dubai?

Yes, planting a roof garden in your home in Dubai will give you plenty of open space to plant vegetables and flowering plants that require direct sunlight. That being said, you’re going to have to look at a few things before you go forward with this idea. For e.g., you can need to reinforce your roof to prevent harm from being caused by seepage.

You will also need to add curtains to protect some of your roofs to make it ideal for plants that cannot thrive in hot summer months if you’ve taken care of these factors. In that case, you will cultivate ladyfingers, lemons, potatoes, onions, eggplants, figs, cosmos, roses, jasmine, Allamanda, ginger, and so many other plants on your rooftop in Dubai.

What is Hydroponic Gardening? Can I do it?

Hydroponic gardening is a modern gardening method in which plants are trained to thrive only in water without soil. This definition is suitable for people living in colder regions like the UAE. You can set up your hydroponic garden in your home in Dubai in several ways.

Can I grow water lilies in my home in Dubai?

You can easily cultivate various varieties of water lilies in your home in Dubai. This is an easier procedure if you have a pond in your backyard. Only buy high-quality water lily seeds and leave them in some water to start growing. If it has sprouted, sow it in a small planter and put the pot in your pond. If you don’t have a pond, you should use a huge pot with a large opening.

These were some of the reasons why you should get indoor plants when you buy villa in Dubai. Adds plants and healthily adorn your home!