When students become engaged with community service, they get the golden opportunity to become active and responsible community members. This leaves a positive and lasting impact on society extensively. Community service is also referred to as volunteerism. It enables you as a student to acquire the knowledge and life skill along with the chance to offer services to those underprivileged people who require it the most.

Caroline Sturken­ – how can community service help you as a student?

Caroline Sturken is a highly motivated and passionate student presently pursuing law, philosophy, and politics in the USA. She says that a student can always bring positive change in the community by being involved in community service. The student can embrace different initiatives that seek to enrich the lives of people that live in society. Being a student herself makes her understand the various ways via which students can make the communities where they live a much better place. She recommends students start by joining an organization that is in schools and colleges. If you are a student, you need to find that organization with whom you resonate to start the service with success.

What are the key benefits of community service in your life?

According to her, the benefits of community service are as follows-

  1. Psychological benefits – With community service, you can enhance satisfaction in life. This helps you develop a deep sense of self-worth and happiness. This takes place as the thought, and the idea of helping others erases stress and helps you to mitigate tensions.
  2. Social advantages – With community service and volunteering, students can make social bonds with the population being served. Moreover, the sense of responsibility and social awareness is increased among students.
  3. Cognitive benefits – Regular volunteering helps the student to boost their personal knowledge in life. This helps them to evolve when it comes to new experiences. They can develop enhanced interpersonal skills and communication skills.

When you participate in community service, you can make a difference to the people and organizations you serve. You also make a difference to your career prospects as a student.

Get unique job opportunities

When you take up community service, you can enhance your resume as a student. You can get work skills before your graduation. This helps you to get good references from employers in the future. It also helps you develop a great sense of social and civic responsibility skills as you are more responsive to the community’s needs as a whole.

Caroline Sturken sums up by saying that as a student, when you join community service and help others, you also help yourself. You evolve as a socially responsible person who helps you embark on a successful personal and professional life journey. The rewards of community service are immense. Even small steps in this direction are bound to positively impact your life if you start early to be of help to others and to yourself!